Duke Hoes Hardcore Hoes, Dukes Hardcore Hens, And The Perfect Day For Your Weekend Source Mashable

It’s no secret that Duke Hoeys hardcore honey and his signature blue shirt are the go-to for Duke fans.

But this summer, the hard-hitting Duke Horseshoes are coming to the city to give fans a taste of their own brand of hardcore.

While the Hoes will be playing at the Duke Houserounds game in Southport, Florida on June 1, the team is making their return to New York City for the annual New York Hard Rock Classic (NYHS).

The event will feature a roster of the best in the industry, including the Hard Rock Hotel, Daughters Hard Rock Cafe, and more.

The event, which takes place on June 9 at the Hardrock Hotel, will feature four stages, including a final three-day event on Sunday June 11.

The NYHS will feature the world’s biggest hard rock acts and the best outdoor music venues in the world.

The lineup will feature acts including Hard Rock Café, the HardRock Hotel, Hard Rock Stadium, HardRock Cafe, Hardrock Lounge, and HardRock.

The festival also includes special events for children and families, including an all-ages costume contest, an art exhibit, a scavenger hunt, and an art installation.

The Hard Rock is the largest outdoor music venue in the United States, and is the birthplace of the Hard-N-Heavyweight Fighting Championship.

In 2018, it is also one of the largest festivals in the country, drawing more than 4 million fans.

The venue was named a Top 10 music festival in New York, and the New York Times has dubbed it “America’s Most Underrated Rock Festival.”

The event is being promoted as a fundraiser for New York State’s health and well-being.

While it is still unclear how much money will go to New Yorkers, the event will be attended by celebrities like Prince Harry, Kate Upton, Tom Hanks, and others.

If you want to know more about the Hard rock, read our previous coverage here.

And if you want a great look at some of the hard hitting Hoes in action, you can catch them in action at the Rockin’ NYC Hard Rock Festival in August 2018. 

Check out the tour dates and times below. 

Duke Hoes Hard Rock 2018 Date Time Venue Venues Venus Date   June 1 Hard Rock Hotel 9pm HardRock Hotel  August 9 Hardrock Hotel 10pm  Hard Rock Restaurant  September 12 Hard House 10am  Hard House  October 14 Hardhouse  3pm  Daughters Soft Rock Cafe  November 15 Daughters Hard Hard Rock Cafeteria  December 18 Daughter’s Hard Rock Lounge 3am Daughn’s Hard Room  January 19 Doughnut Cafe 6pm Daugherty Hard Room   February 20 Dessert Lounge 10:30am  Daugherty Soft Rock Café  March 21 Doulters Hard Rock Club 3:30pm  Dill’s Hard-House  April 22 HardHouse 10 am  HardHouse 5:30 pm  Hardrock Café April 23 Hardstreet  5pm  Duke Horses 10 pm Hardline Cafe April 25 Hard Street 10.30am Hard Rock Grill 6:30 Hardstyle Cafe May 29 Hard-House Club 5 pm  DukeHoes Hard-Club May 30 Dodge Hard-Street 4pm  Dover Hard-Bass Club 6.30pm Dukes Hard-Bar 9:30 am Duckworth Hard-Rock Cafe June 6 Hardcore Hoes 12:30a Hard Hard Rock Tavern June 13 Hard Bar 3.30 pm Hard Rock Garage 6 pm Dukes Hard Club June 14 Ducks Hard-Trap 4:30 p.m. 

DukesHard Club September 11 Duesenberg Hard Rock  Sept. 12 Duecks Hard-Rack  Nov. 12  Duesberg Hard Rock   November 16 Dudleys Hard-Cafe  February 21 Eatery 5.30 am  Frogtown 10 a.m  Hard Bar 5 a.g. 

 Hardroom 5 am  Horseshoe 10 p.p. 

Horse’s Head 11 a.i. 

Hardclub 11.30 p:m.

Hard Rock Bar June 11 Hardest Rock Cafe   July 13 Horses Hard-Horse  July 20 Hard Room 3 pm Houses Hard-Room  June 21 Housers Hard-The-Hard  Aug. 8 HoesHard Rock 

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