‘Bunny’s’ ‘bunnies’ are the next generation of pet food: Fox News

“You know what I don’t like?

Bunnies,” Honey Bunches founder and CEO, Amy Menn, told Fox News.

“They eat all the same stuff that dogs do, and it just doesn’t seem right.”

Menn said Honey Bunchers has been experimenting with adding rabbits into its food since 2008.

It is now offering a variety of rabbits in its food, and Menn has also experimented with adding fish.

“There are a bunch of things in the product that we are trying to incorporate that are not necessarily rabbit, and that’s really cool to see,” she said.

“That’s really exciting.”

Muckleshoot, the pet food company that has partnered with Honey Bunces, said it will add more fish and other animals to its products when it becomes available next year.

“We are excited to introduce our first ever rabbit-centric pet food,” Mucklishoot spokeswoman Stephanie Fruh said in a statement.

“Muckleshoots rabbit and other products are based on the natural ingredients that are found in the wild, not synthetic ingredients.”

Munchies, the company that sells Honey Bunched’s rabbit-based products, says it will introduce a rabbit-only version of its popular pet food this year.

The company said in March that it had made the switch to the product after a customer said she stopped using Honey Buncher’s rabbit food because of the potential for cross-species food allergies.

“This is an important step in our evolution to bring our products into a more holistic and more sustainable future,” Munchie president Amy Ellington said in an email to ABC News.

Munchy has also said it would start selling a “Bunny Friendly” product that includes only bunny-derived ingredients in 2018.

“Bunnies are a natural companion, companion animals, and an incredible source of protein, vitamins and minerals,” Maughton said.

But the move to rabbit-free products may have a downside for consumers.

“The consumer may not be able to taste the difference between Honey Bunching Rabbit and Munchys Rabbit,” said Maughson.

“And they’re not the same species.

And it’s going to make people question how much they can trust their food.”

A lot of the criticism of Honey Bunchies products comes from people who are allergic to some of the animal products.

“I am allergic to the nuts, the peanuts, and all of that stuff,” a woman named Amy told FoxNews.com.

“My vet says I have to get a rabbit food for that.”

Other customers also have complaints about the way the rabbit-containing pet food is packaged.

“When you open the package and you see a bunny on it, it makes me feel like I’m not eating my rabbit,” a customer named Lauren told Foxnews.com, adding that “the bunny was in there because it was in the box.”

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