Why are Florida residents getting a honey syrup allergy?

A Florida man has a rare allergy to honey syrup and is taking it out on people who are sensitive to it.

Key points:It’s been used for thousands of years and is a common food additiveThe allergy was first identified in a person with a history of heart disease and was diagnosed in a patient with an allergy to other foodsA local honey supplier is taking steps to contain the problemThe allergy is rare and has been identified in an Australian man who had an allergic reaction to honey.

Health officials are warning residents of Tallahassee, Florida to stop eating honey if they have a reaction to the syrup.

Key facts:Dr Paul Trenberth from the Florida Department of Health told News.co.uk the man had a history, a family history of asthma and was a smoker.

He was also taking antihistamines and taking a blood test.

But when he started to develop an allergy, Dr Trenberg said the allergy was triggered by a food additive in honey.

“The allergist said that if you had ever eaten honey or any of the other foods that are commonly associated with honey, then you probably had this reaction to it,” Dr Trewberth said.

“He said it was probably because it was a sugar sweetener.”

The allergists who treated the man have recommended that he stop using the syrup altogether.

“It’s something that’s going to affect a lot of people in the future,” Dr Nick Sorensen, from the Food Allergy Foundation of America (FAFA), said.

He said the problem was rare but there were a number of people who had experienced it.

“In the past it’s been associated with food sensitivities, but now we’re seeing it more frequently,” Dr Sorenten said.”[The person] probably had a family member with a heart disease or other chronic disease and the risk of developing it was increased if they had ever consumed it.”

The allergy has been reported in an American man, but the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not yet issued a warning.

“As far as we know, this is the first case of an allergic response to honey that has been linked to a food or food additive,” Dr Tom Crouch, from FFA’s food allergy division, said.

The man’s reaction to his first reaction was severe, but he was diagnosed with an acute reaction to other food allergens.

He is now on a ventilator and has developed a new allergy.

He has been given a course of antihistamine and antihistaminoids.

“We do have a lot more research to do to determine if this is a new type of reaction, or if there are other triggers,” Dr Crouch said.

Dr Trenberger said there was no known cure for this type of allergy, but there was hope that it might be treated with a different kind of food or a new diet.

“There are a lot easier things to do for the person that has it,” he said.

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