A new poll says Canada’s honey pot is hotter than ever, but there’s more to come

Posted October 15, 2018 11:03:13 The number of Canadians with a warm spot in their hearts has grown by more than two-thirds in the past decade, but the majority of them still don’t see the country as their safe haven.

The results of a poll commissioned by the Canadian Association of Counties indicate the honey pot of northern Ontario has not changed much in the last 20 years, but it has become increasingly hot, with some people saying they’re no longer willing to move north.

“We’ve seen a tremendous increase in the number of people who are saying they would consider moving, but haven’t had the courage to do so,” said Chris Pfeifer, a former Ontario premier and now director of the Ipsos Reid pollster.

“There are people who have already left, but not many people are willing to relocate.

We see this as a concern for a large portion of Canadians, but we also see it as a real opportunity for the government to show it can deliver on its promises.”

The Ipsos poll, conducted between April 1 and September 10, surveyed 1,058 adults in the northern part of the country and was conducted online by Ipsos for its website.

Pfeifer said he expects the honeypot will be hot again soon, because of a combination of factors.

“In the last 10 years, we’ve seen Canada become more competitive internationally.

We’ve seen the Canadian dollar come down and become a more attractive currency for Canadians,” he said.”

That has also increased the economic opportunity in the country.

But we also have seen some of the changes that have happened in the economy, and people are not willing to leave the country.”

Pfeif said the poll also showed that many people think Canada is more welcoming than it was 20 years ago, but he also believes Canada is a lot more diverse now than it used to be.

“I think that is also reflected in the attitudes of the population,” he added.

“It’s also reflected by how many of them say they’re going to move to a new location, whether that’s within Canada or whether it’s to a country that’s closer to them.”

And that’s reflected in attitudes in terms of the number who are still looking to move.

“It also appears that Canadians are willing and able to take the risk of leaving, as 60 per cent of people surveyed said they would “be willing to take on some kind of risk if the opportunity presented itself.

“Pfifer said this type of change in the mindset of the public is part of what’s driving the country’s recent economic and demographic growth.”

The reality is, we’re still seeing the kind of decline in the population and the employment situation that we’ve experienced for a long time,” he noted.”

If you look at how many jobs were created, we saw that the number that were created over the last year was much lower than in the previous decade, and so the number [of jobs] is still down but the number is not as high as it was.

“Pfrifer said that despite the economic slowdown, the Canadian economy remains resilient and strong, and there is an opportunity for Canadians to move south to find more stable employment.”

With the current trend in the U.S., we’re seeing that trend continuing, and we’ve got some other places like South Korea that are looking to do the same thing,” he explained.”

You can’t go and say that we’re going backwards in terms the economy is doing better and the unemployment rate is going down, it’s not true.

The unemployment rate has been going up.

We have a growing economy, so we’re not seeing those trends going away.

“But if you look around the world, I think the fact that we are still growing is indicative of the strength of the economy.

I think Canada has a good case to be a part of that.

We’re still very, very resilient.”

The poll was commissioned by Ipso to gauge public sentiment on the economy and other issues, and the findings were published Monday.

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