Honey badger kills a dog with its honey extractor

A honey badger in Wyoming has killed a dog that it mistakenly thought was its owner.

The dog, named Honey, had a seizure after its owner left it alone with a man who had a bee in his hair.

The badger thought it was the man’s dog.

But Honey had been taken from the dog.

She then got into the owner’s car, which was parked nearby.

“She got out of the car and she was barking at him and he had the bees in his dog,” said Mike Fenton, a witness to the dog’s death.

“And he thought he had killed a bee, so he jumped out of his car and tried to chase her, but she just kept on barking at her.”

Fenton said the dog ended up in the driveway, where a woman was sitting in the driver’s seat.

She got out and yelled, “Help, help,” Fenton told WYFF-TV.

But the dog ran away from the car, and when she tried to get it back, the badger chased it again.

The driver was able to pull the dog from the driveway and bring it to a veterinarian for testing.

It was discovered that the dog had a fatal medical condition.

Honey died at the veterinarian.

The man is in serious condition, according to the Wyoming Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

The owner of the dog, who has not been identified, has been charged with cruelty to animals.

“We want to make sure that people understand the rules and regulations,” Fenton said.

The owner was released on $1,000 bail.”

The rules say that you can’t let your dog attack your neighbor, so we want people to be aware of those things.”

The owner was released on $1,000 bail.

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