How to make honey badgers gun

A couple of years ago, the honey badging company Honey Badger Gun got into a controversy.

A honey badge was spotted on a Facebook page for a local beekeeper, who had recently been hired to spray pesticides to remove honey from a honey production site.

The beekeeper was told he was no longer welcome at the site, and was ordered to cease spraying pesticides.

The honey badged page was then taken down.

The badger had been sprayed with pesticides and honey, which the beekeeper had not intended to use, but was allowed to do so nonetheless.

The issue became an internet meme and was shared on social media.

The good news is that this particular badger isn’t a viral phenomenon, but one that’s now been put to bed by an independent beekeeper who says he can make the gun himself.

“I bought the gun online for $50.

I got it online for free.

I had to wait for a few weeks to get it, but I finally got it this past weekend,” said Mark Lopatka, who owns Honey Badgers Gun.

Lopatski has made several honey badges in the past, and now he’s been able to do something he said was “almost impossible” before: make his own gun.

Lopera said the gun costs about $100, which is about 20% less than what it would cost to make a regular badger’s gun, and he plans to sell it for about $50 online.

His plan for a badger badging gun is to use a modified version of the standard badger, which uses a laser-cut barrel.

“If you have a laser cut barrel, then you can just take it apart and you can make a pretty nice badger,” Lopato said.

LOPATOKA: This is the same thing that makes it possible for you to do things like this.

The difference is, you actually put the barrel on the badger.

The barrel is basically the frame, so you don’t need to have any kind of support.

It just comes off, so it’s basically a pretty straight-forward modification.

You can’t put the metal in, so that would be pretty expensive.

That’s just what I did.

I just cut the barrel off of the front end of the barrel, put the gun on it, and I just started putting the gun together.

“The badging weapon could also be used to control honey bees.

LOPERA: If you look at any of the bees, it’s usually a hive that is a couple of meters tall.

The bees are not very smart.

They just sit there, looking at the sky and looking at you.

So I want to control this hive so I can get as much honey as I can out of it.

LOPEZ: You can use the gun to control a bee hive.

There are three kinds of controls you can put on it.

It’s a laser, which means you can actually see what the bees are doing.

You also have a trigger, which fires a shock wave.

You put the trigger down, and it goes off, and the bees fall in and kill them.

The gun has a very low recoil, so the bee won’t be able to shoot at you or anything.

It also has a safety.

It will turn on and off, depending on how much honey you put on the trigger.

The trigger and safety are built into the barrel.

When you put the bee in, you’re actually turning the trigger off.

Lopez said it’s a very simple gun.

It has a laser that fires a laser.

It can be mounted on a tree, or a house, or anything else.

He said he would have been able do it himself if he’d been able buy a beekeeper a gun. “

You can also do this with the gun, but you’ll need to get some sort of antenna,” Lopeza said.

He said he would have been able do it himself if he’d been able buy a beekeeper a gun.

There’s a lot of people that want to buy this, and that’s what I’ve been trying to do, and hopefully this will be something that people like.

“It’s a little bit scary, but when you see the pictures, it looks pretty cool,” he said.

“But it’s not something that you can buy for $100.”

LOPEZA: It’s just a really cool thing to do with a gun that costs $100.

You’re putting a little more money in than you would if you bought a gun, so I think it’s great to try.

LOBLA: I actually love bees, and this is just really cool to be able do something with them.

I’m really excited about this.

“So, I’m just a guy that loves bees, so this is the type of thing that I could do,” Lopes said.

I can make something that I can actually show people how I do it. “This

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