Why I think Trump should release more of his tax returns

By now, you’re probably wondering why Trump has refused to release his tax information.

His refusal to do so is just plain wrong and wrong on so many levels.

As I said at the beginning, it is a blatant violation of our constitution, a violation of the separation of powers, and a violation on several fronts.

First, he’s hiding his wealth from the American people, which is clearly unconstitutional.

Second, the information is already public and has been public for some time, and the public has a right to know about it.

Third, if Trump is not going to comply with the law, then the American public needs to have a much clearer picture of his financial position.

The IRS does not have that authority.

Fourth, if the information are not released, the president is potentially liable for billions of dollars in penalties.

In the past, the courts have ruled that the president cannot be held liable for the actions of his officials.

As the court put it, “Congress has no authority to make a tax law that is so broad and so arbitrary that it may inflict substantial harm upon the individual taxpayers, and, in fact, may inflict such harm upon those who may suffer from the tax law.”

Fifth, Trump is hiding a very valuable tax information in a way that will allow him to evade paying taxes for years to come.

And he’s doing it in a manner that does not require his tax return to be publicly available.

So, yes, the American taxpayers deserve a better picture of what he’s paying in taxes than he is currently providing.

I would also note that he’s already released some information about his personal finances, which I think should be available to the public.

That information, along with other information, should be made public as well.

And lastly, I would add that the fact that he is hiding information from the public is not a crime, and that is precisely why Congress passed the Internal Revenue Code in the first place.

So there is a clear case for transparency.

That said, I am not convinced that Trump is actually complying with the constitutional law.

I think that there are other ways that he could comply with it.

There are many ways in which he could, but he’s not doing them.

I do believe, though, that if he were to release some of his taxes, then we would get a clearer picture about what he is really paying in tax and how he is paying it.

And we would be able to judge whether that’s fair and just, so that we can make better decisions about the tax laws that apply to us.

So I think the public deserves a clearer view of what’s going on.

But I think we have to be careful not to overreach.

The Constitution gives us a right not to be taxed, and we should use that right as much as we can.

But the tax system is so complicated and so complex, it will be impossible for us to fully understand the true impact of any individual or group’s tax burden until we know more about the individual’s financial situation.

And when we know that, we can begin to make better choices about how the tax code is structured.

And that can be done by getting a clearer sense of the individual tax burden and then by working with the individual to make sure that he or she is paying the right amount of taxes, or that we don’t get caught up in the complexity of this complicated tax code.

I don’t think the American tax system has become too complicated.

I really do believe that we need to have better transparency and a much better understanding of how our taxes are being paid.

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